Hot Tub Lifespan Variables: Insulation, Balance, Maintenance

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the variables that play a role in determining how long your hot tub can be expected to last. Hot tub lifespan is naturally an important topic for those purchasing these items, and knowing which elements will impact it is often very helpful for informing your purchase.

At Hot Tub Factory Outlet, we’re happy to discuss lifespan and numerous other qualities of our exquisite hot tubs, which range from smaller tub options up to those meant for six or more people. What are some other key variables that impact how long you can expect your hot tub to last? Here are a few to keep an eye on, both during your purchase and during ownership.

Insulation System Used

Insulation is an important component of any hot tub, and those with higher-quality insulation often provide a longer lifespan. Hot tubs may use either fiberglass or foam insulation; fiberglass is usually the better option because it’s more durable and provides better protection from heat loss.

Polyurethane foam is also used, and while it’s not as effective for heat retention, it does aid in the overall strength of the hot tub shell.

How Your Water is Balanced

Getting into the realm of hot tub usage now, one area that’s very important is water balance. As you know, the water needs to be treated and balanced regularly to keep it clean and healthy. Unbalanced water can cause corrosion over time, which could lead to damage of your hot tub components. Ensuring that your water is kept in balance will help protect your hot tub from extensive wear and tear.

Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean

Another important factor for maintaining your hot tub is to keep it clean. Different types of debris and dirt can accumulate in the filters and jets, and if left unchecked, it could lead to damage as well as reduce effectiveness. Regularly cleaning the inside of your hot tub will help ensure that it looks nice while also protecting its life expectancy.

As you clean your hot tub, always use a mild detergent or cleaner that is specific for hot tubs. This will help ensure it doesn’t damage the surface or components of the hot tub. Above all else, always remember to follow the recommended maintenance guidelines from your manufacturer.

Regular Water Changes

Leaving the same water in your hot tub for too long can cause a number of problems, such as cloudy water and an increase in bacteria. To help prevent this, it’s recommended to change the water in your hot tub every three months or so. This will not only keep the water fresh and clean but also reduce wear and tear on the components.

By following these tips, you can be confident that your hot tub will last for many years to come. Hot Tub Factory Outlet has a selection of high-quality hot tubs that are built to last and provide you with relaxation and comfort every time you take a dip. Contact us today to learn more about any of our products!


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